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At Manchester Auto Recyclers, it is easy for us to convert your old vehicle into scrap. You just have to contact us as we cover Manchester and the entire North West. Our commitment to you is to give you a quote to remove your old vehicle, saving you the effort of doing that yourself but there is a right and wrong way to scrap that vehicle. We use a specific set of guidelines.

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Manchester based UK experts take away the guesswork, call our team on 07392 898 898 to get an instant quote or to ask a question.

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We guarantee you get the best price. We will beat any like for like quote in the UK!

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No nonsense or hassle with our FREE and convenient collection. We recycle hundreds of vehicles every month in the UK.

When you should contact Scrap My Car Manchester

The average vehicle has a certain lifespan. This means that your car, truck or van is eventually going to become disposable. When that vehicle is no longer safe and reliable, the timeframe for scrapping it speeds up. Here are a number of reasons to consider if you are thinking about scrapping your vehicle:

Expert Team

We offer the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. That’s why we are the highest rated vehicle salvage company.

The Only Comparison Service

We’re the only company in the market that offers a comparison service, unlike some of our buyer owned competitors we’re here to get you the most for your vehicle.

It doesn’t run anymore

This is a very common problem. Rather than having it rusting away on your drive, you may as well scrap it.

It needs too many repairs

The ongoing cost of repairs, especially on old, broken down vehicles can climb rapidly. Scrapping that car will eliminate them.

Failed MOT

If your vehicle has failed it’s MOT, it is classified as a dangerous vehicle. This should be a signal for you to get rid of it while you can.

You can’t seem to sell it

You may have tried to sell that vehicle for the past few months. Nobody has expressed interest in it and you keep slashing the price.

It is no longer needed

This occurs when you either upgrade to a newer vehicle or this one just doesn’t get the job done anymore. This is the time to scrap it.

Keeping it on the road costs too much

There are times when the operating costs of having a reliable vehicle can stretch the average household budget. Don’t let this happen.

It was damaged in an accident

This actually happens to be one of the most common reasons why vehicles get scrapped. When a vehicle is beyond repair it is no longer worth keeping.

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We offer you the best price for your car. It’s a promise!

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We’ll take care of the official paperwork for you. No hassle!

Drop Your Car Off Locally

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll give you a map and directions.

Scrap Car Collection

We’ll collect your old car from anywhere in the UK!

We Are Registered

We are a fully UK registered salvage company and we will provide all the information needed.

Our Customers Love Us!

We’re proud to boast that 97% of our customers would recommend.

Is it time for you to use scrap my car Manchester?

If you said yes to any of the reasons listed above, then it is time for you to call us at Manchester Auto Recycles and tell us you want to “scrap my car”.

You can call us on 07392 898 898 to schedule an appointment with one of our salvage experts.

Why Scrap that vehicle?

It may not be easy to part with your vehicle. This is because over time we grow attached to our car or van. It may have sentimental value to you and we respect that. However, if it can no longer be used, you should seriously consider scrapping it.

It is an important decision to make and thanks to Manchester Auto Recyclers and our scrap my car program, you have options. The easiest and most cost-effective way to convert that heap into cash is by selling it for scrap. We are the people to contact to help with that.

There may be factors that may impact the precise amount of cash your scrap vehicle will earn you, but usually those conditions have nothing to do with what the vehicle looks like.

How to scrap my car Manchester

Once you have decided to scrap your vehicle the process is pretty easy. All you have to do is contact us a Manchester Auto Recyclers. If you are in Manchester or any of the North West regions call us today on 07392 898 898 for an appointment. `The process moves quickly once our salvage expert receives your call and gets details about the vehicle. If you take our offer, we will pay you instantly and can take away your vehicle the same day if needed.

We have years of experience and know this industry very well. We will also treat you fairly when we make an offer to take away your scrap vehicle. Our salvage experts are well versed in the process and will know precisely how much your vehicle is worth before offering a quote.